4 Actionable Tips for Tuning the Performance of Your Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is arguably one of the best treats to own, especially if it has the ability to accomplish the mission you have in mind. Tips for tuning the performance of this wonderful bike are easy and can help you enjoy all the benefits associated with owning this motorcycle. However, you should be ready to follow instructions and get your hands dirty. Tuning the performance of your Harley Davidson without taking it to service shops creates a sense of pride in you. This expert will guide you on how to performance tune your Harley Davidson. As a quick note if you ride cross country or on long rides with a crew you want to get a Harley Davidson heat exchanger/intercooler installed on your bike asap. This helps to keep you bike riding smooth for extended trips & extends the life of the bike overtime.

1. Carburetor adjustments and jetting

If you tune the carburetor and the performance of your motorcycle remains lean, you should consider carrying out carburetor jetting. The jetting entails fixing a new pilot jet on your motorcycle followed by the main jet. You should only replace the main jet after you have adequately adjusted the idle and midrange of your bike. For carburetor jetting to be successful, you will need screwdrivers and an assortment of jets.

2. Carburetor upgrade 

All Harley Davidsons manufactured before 1989 contain a butterfly carburetor while those manufactured later contain constant velocity carburetor. The later carburetor type offers an advantageous gas mileage coupled with excellent performance. Therefore, if you own an older version motorcycle, you should consider upgrading its carburetor. The process of replacing the butterfly carburetor with the constant velocity one is simple and hassle-free. In most instances, it entails installing a flange adapter to separate the manifold of your Harley Davidson from its carburetor.

3. Always use synthetic oil

Many owners of Harley Davidson have tried out a broad range of motor oils with the aim of identifying one that allows their bike to run faster and smoother. Some Harley riders recommends the use of synthetic motor oil instead of the petroleum-based oil since the former leads to superior performance. Synthetic oil offers your bike cooler temperatures for operating and better shifting.

4. Invest in a battery tender

If you do not ride your Harley Davidson on a daily basis or you are planning to keep it in store for a couple of days, you should invest in a battery tender. Storing batteries for at least 12 days allow them to lose close to half of their charge. You should attach your alligator clips to the terminals of your tender, and then plug the tender to a power outlet.

Owning a Harley Davidson comes with a wide array of benefits for both new riders and experienced drag racers. The task of tuning the performance of this motorcycle to suit your riding requirements is simple and pocket-friendly. All it requires is a sharp eye for details and willingness to get your hands dirty.

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