Why You Need to Buy a Cobra gt500 Shelby Mustang


The Cobra GT500 Shelby Mustang is one of the most powerful cars ever to hit the market. Since its arrival, this car has made stylish driving affordable and within reach of most car enthusiasts. When Ford Mustang was first released in 1964, a number of drivers were hesitant because it wasn’t exceptionally fast. It was this hesitation that inspired Ford to team up with Carroll Shelby, a racing legend, to produce a high performing version of the car. This version was renamed GT350 and it is the one that pioneered the arrival of Ford Shelby GT500.

The Ford Shelby GT500 is a powerful car that enjoys an upward of 700-hp and a supercharged V-8 engine capable to pump enough firepower to compete with the likes of Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Whereas the Shelby GT350 was designed to achieve high racing speeds, the GT500 dominates the drag strip. Ford seems to have learned from its earlier mistakes when the GT500 first came into the market. The car had disappointing handling capabilities.

The Cobra GT500 Shelby Mustang is much more appealing and has much better comfort and performance. A revised suspension tuning and a more powerful engine are some of the key features that will make you want to buy this new car.

Why You Need to Buy a Cobra gt500 Shelby Mustang
The Cobra gt500 Shelby Mustang is the ultimate performance car that comes as either a coupe or a convertible. A number of significant upgrades have been made on this car to place it at the top of the pile. One such upgrade is the inclusion of an all-aluminum, 5.8-liter supercharged V8 motor. This motor is able to crank top speeds of 200 mph and 662 horsepower. The convertible version is limited to 155 mph which is still high enough for any driving enthusiast.

In terms of the gearbox, the car presents you a six-speed manual transmission system that combines with a solid limited-slip rear axle to spin the rear tires. You can also get a 10-speed automatic gear option to enhance your driving experience. An adjustable launch control and steering assist system have been included to enable the driver to select the preferred launching rpm. This car comes with a range of standard features such as the 19-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights, Brembo brakes, leather sport bucket seats, CD player audio system & Synch multimedia voice-control system, satellite radio and auxiliary audio jacks.

You can choose options to have a glass roof couple, a navigation system that has dual-zone climate controls & HD radio, and an upgraded sound system. Other high-performance features like adjustable Bilstein dampers, larger Brembo brakes, separate engine oil, transmission cooling systems, and rear differential are also available for your choice.

The Cobra GT500 Shelby Mustang as a variant of the Ford Mustang has great features as well as incredible performance potential. It’s the most steroidal colt that Ford has ever presented on the market and has more power than its predecessors. Most of the buyers are impressed with its precise gearbox, agile handling, crisp steering response, solid cabin quality, and a fairly comfortable ride. Its thoughtful features and supportive seats should actually encourage you to buy the car.

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