6 Ways to Enhance Your Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has gained a lot of fans ever since Toyota released their first Tacoma model back in 1995. The Toyota Tacoma is a favorite particularly among people who love powerful, durable trucks that can handle any terrain you throw at them. Three generations of the Tacoma have been produced over the years with each newer generation having a lot of performance and design upgrades. Since it is impossible to buy the latest model every time Toyota unveil a new Tacoma, many people end up keeping their older models as opposed to buying the latest models. A contributing factor to this is the availability of many power and performance upgrade options, some of which are as follows:

1. Superchargers
A supercharger is used to pressurize air intake to over the atmospheric level so that the engine can suck in more air, which combines with more fuel to generate more power. A new Toyota Tacoma supercharger is available for all Toyota Tacoma models manufactured after 2005. The supercharger boosts your Tacoma’s power to 304 hp if your vehicle initially had 236 hp. The all-new supercharger system features rotating components in a single integral manifold with spark plugs and a serpentine drive belt system. This upgrade will make your vehicle a lot more powerful.

2. Air Filtration
It is critical to ensure your engine is free from contaminants of any kind. Air filters play a key role in maintaining the integrity of your engine. Every Tacoma is fitted with a standard, paper-based air filter when they are coming out of the factory. To make it better, you can fit the Tacoma with a secondary air filter which drops easily into the engine’s airbox. Since aftermarket air filters leave the air cleaner than the stock air filters, your truck will perform better. Furthermore, since they are made of fabric, secondary air filters can be washed and reused.

3. Manage the Heat
Like other heavy engines, the Toyota Tacoma engine produces a lot of heat as you drive. If your engine’s cooling system is damaged, your vehicle is bound to run into performance issues. You can install a brand new Toyota Tacoma heat exchanger to ensure your engine does not overheat even on those long drives. You can add a cold air intake kit to help bring in more cool air to the internal combustion engine to boost engine efficiency and performance.

4. Install Performance Chips
This is mostly for the new generation Toyota Tacoma trucks that have computers controlling everything. Performance chips allow you to ‘hack’ your vehicle so that you can be able to control functions that have an effect on your vehicle’s performance like fuel to air ratio. Using performance chips, you can set new parameters for any functions you choose, such as changing how your Toyota Tacoma uses gas or the amount of air being sucked in.

5. Lose the Weight
The lighter your vehicle is, the faster it will move. You need to evaluate your Tacoma and remove the things you don’t need such as extra seats. You can also replace heavy materials with lighter alternatives like plastic windows in place of glass windows, disc brakes, among others.

6. Go All In
Performance is always determined by the health of the engine. Sometimes the solution to performance issues means having to replace the whole engine especially if your vehicle is old or it has been involved in an accident.

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